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Post by Sykesy on Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:23 pm

Just in time for the reunited Jane's Addiction's summer tour, the long-in-the-works rarities collection "A Cabinet Of Curiosities" will arrive on April 21. The 3-CD/DVD Rhino box set is packed with demos, live performances, non-album tracks, and remixes.

Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins has been sorting though the band's unreleased material for almost two years to put together "Curiosities," which features 43 audio tracks and an 11-song DVD. "As far as the packaging and the content, it's going to be loaded," he told Billboard in January 2008. "We're hoping to step it up into kind of a more 'collector's item' sort of situation. As far as the content, I've got a whole six or seven boxes full of stuff. We're going through it with Warner Bros., and seeing what's appropriate - what's usable as far as, 'How far do we want to go with lo-fi?'"

The resulting "Curiosities" collection, which will be released both digitally and as a $74.98 limited-edition wooden cabinet, focuses entirely on the band's original foursome of singer Perry Farrell, guitarist Dave Navarro, Perkins, and bassist Erik Avery. Material recorded with the later Avery-less incarnation is not included.

While the first two discs are comprised mostly of previously unreleased demos and little-heard compilation tracks, the third disc is a complete Jane's Addiction live concert recorded during the band's three-night run at the Hollywood Palladium in December 1990. The DVD includes the rare VHS-only short film "Soul Kiss," music videos and three unreleased live clips taped for MTV Italy in 1990.

As previously reported, the original lineup of Jane's Addiction is touring with Nine Inch Nails this summer and are also set to headline May's Sasquatch Festival in Washington State.

Here is the track listing for "A Cabinet Of Curiousities":

Disc 1:

"Jane Says" (Radio Tokyo Demo*)
"Pigs In Zen" (Radio Tokyo Demo)
"Mountain Song" (Radio Tokyo Demo)
"Had A Dad" (Radio Tokyo Demo)
"I Would For You" (Radio Tokyo Demo)
"Idiots Rule" (Demo*)
"Classic Girl" (Demo *)
"Up The Beach" (Demo*)
"Suffer Some" (Demo*)
"Thank You Boys" (Demo*)
"Summertime Rolls" (Demo*)
"City" (Demo*)
"Ocean Size" (Demo*)
"Stop!" (Demo*)
"Standing In The Shower...Thinking" (Demo*)
"Ain't No Right" (Demo*)
"Three Days" (Demo*)

Disc 2:

"Ted, Just Admit It..." (Demo*)
"Maceo" (Demo*)
"No One's Leaving" (Demo*)
"My Time" (Rehearsal*)
"Been Caught Stealing" (12" Remix Version)
"Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey" (with Ice-T & Ernie-C)
"L.A. Medley: L.A. Woman/Nausea/Lexicon Devil" (Live 1989)
"Kettle Whistle" (Live 1987*)
"Whole Lotta Love" (Live 1987*)
"1970" (Live 1987*)
"Bobhaus" (Live 1989*)

Disc 3:

"Drum Intro" (Live 1990*)
"Up The Beach" (Live 1990)
"Whores" (Live 1990*)
"1%" (Live 1990*)
"No One's Leaving" ‹ Live 1990)
"Ain't No Right" ‹ Live 1990*)
"Then She Did..." ‹ Live 1990*)
"Had A Dad" ‹ Live 1990*)
"Been Caught Stealing" (Live 1990*)
"Three Days" (Live 1990)
"Mountain Song" (Live 1990*)
"Stop!" (Live 1990)
"Summertime Rolls" (Live 1990*)
"Ocean Size" (Live 1990*)

Disc 4 (DVD):

Soul Kiss: The Fan's Video
"Mountain Song" (Unedited Version)
"Had A Dad" (music video)
"Ocean Size" (music video)
"Stop!" (music video)
"Been Caught Stealing" (music video)
"Classic Girl" (music video)
"Ain't No Right" (music video)
Live at the City Square, Milan, Italy (for MTV Italy) (10/11/90):
"Whores" *
"Then She Did..." *
"Three Days" *



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