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Across Five Aprils breaks up

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Across Five Aprils breaks up Empty Across Five Aprils breaks up

Post by xNICKYURINEx on Wed Oct 15, 2008 12:32 am

Tennessee's Across Five Aprils has officially called it quits. Formed in 2001, the group has released material with Victory Records and Indianola Records. Frontman Brandon Mullins has issued the following statement:

"I could spend all day on here telling you why A5A is calling it quits but the simple truth is we've all just gotten to a point where we have chosen to move on, and we wouldn't have changed our experience with A5A for anything in the world. A5A got to make some of our biggest dreams come true. We got to play with our favorite bands and we befriended our heroes and had the times of our lives. We have become world travelers visiting and playing in Mexico, Canada, Japan, Mainland Europe, UK, Scandinavia, and every state in the continental 48. It truly has been a wild and amazing ride.And we have gotten to write and perform music that was uncompramized and of our own convictions. We never conformed we never did anything musicaly except exactly what we chose. Thank you once again for letting us have this amazing opportunity.

"While I cant take the time to tell you exactly why this is happening I can take some time and tell you what reasons are not true to dispel some common rumors that some inquiring minds will undoubtedly wish to now. We have not been dropped from Victory Records, contrary to what the Prp reported. We are however not a current artist because we have made the arrangements with Victory to disband. We want to thank Tony and Victory for their constant support in everything we did. I can also tell you we did not have a knock down drag out fight internally or with any other band. We are all still friends and will continue to stay close for the rest of our lives.

"I would like to thank the following for all the love and support and resources they have given since the conception of A5A: Steve Taylor, Jason Fields, Barry, Drew Miller, Zak Towe, Josh Dycus, Adam Nordmeyer, Steve Wooten, Tony Brummel, Mat and John at Indianola, Keith and Tyler at Ceerius, Shauncey Fury, Grant Fury, Lisa and Dameon, XmattX, Charlie Rhode, Lina band Mom, all of our Families and friends.

"We will be doing a very short farewell tour in OCTOBER hitting some of our key markets and a final farewell show in CHATTANOOGA, TN where it all started. Dates will be posted here and on the shows section as soon as they are confirmed.

"Please stay tuned to see what the current members of A5A will choose to do musically, some have big plans with music and some have little plans but A5A as a music making machine is done. WE WILL HOWEVER REUNITE FOR ANY OUT OF THE COUNTRY TOUR THAT IS OFFERED AND MAKES SENSE, OR FOR ANY 1 SHOW THAT PAYS RIDICULOUSLY. So if your anAustralian/Korean/Russian/South American/Chinese record label and you want to bring us over please message us right here."
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