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Post by Sykesy on Fri Sep 26, 2008 7:08 pm

Here are the rules. Follow the criteria to read the punishment level.


1. No Spamming. this means no replies like "Yes", "OK" or out of topic stuff

2. Language. Language is fine to an extent. I don't mind if you use it but if you take advantage of this then expect some punishment.

3. PM Spamming. if you pm spam you'll be given a warning straight away.

4. Caps Lock is annoying and is against the rules. First you'll be Given an unofficial warning but then punishment will be given.

5.Abusing staff. this means on the board or through PM!

Failure to follow rules. Simple. Three strikes your gone for 3 days.

Pornography. If it posted on the board, your account and IP will be banned!


Forum Rules! Musiccribbh6
Forum Rules! FallOutBoySignatureWhite

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