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A sequel to Blade Runner?

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A sequel to Blade Runner? Empty A sequel to Blade Runner?

Post by Sykesy on Tue Sep 30, 2008 4:41 pm

It’s been 26 years since Ridley Scott brought the world Blade Runner and ever since, people have been talking up the idea of a sequel. But even in this era when any classic film is fare game for a remake or a follow-up, it has remained untouched. But according to Eagle Eye co-writer Travis Wright, it might not stay that way.

We’d encourage you to strictly file this under “rumour”, but Wright was talking recently at a scriptwriters’ screening of the Shia LaBeouf thriller and mentioned that he’d been working on several treatments for a Blade Runner sequel, according to Slash Film.

And before you start building into a froth of outraged fury, bear in mind that nothing official has been developed. Neither Wright nor producer Bud Yorkin (who actually worked on Blade Runner) has the rights to the film.

Action Plans

Despite its unofficial status, the project is apparently moving forward with Yorkin and Wright overseeing pre-visualization for action sequences should they be needed to help the pair pitch to Warners.

Our advice? Don’t worry about it – Blade Runner has survived this long without anyone trying to tamper with its legacy. Chances are this will end up as nothing more than wishful thinking. After all, wasn’t the point of the film to be ambiguous?


A sequel to Blade Runner? Musiccribbh6
A sequel to Blade Runner? FallOutBoySignatureWhite

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