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Post by Bek on Mon Sep 29, 2008 4:31 am

Well, I can't say I'm expecting many fans Laughing but he's my favourite, so I figured I'd make a thread.

He's done what pretty much every other country artist couldn't.
A few of his accomplishments
Highest Selling Solo Artist in US history (second only to The Beatles on all acts list)
First Artist to have a country album debut at #1 on the Billboard Pop Charts.
The only country artist to have 4 albums reach Diamond status.
Only act ever to win Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year award four consecutivfe years.
Played Central Park concert, to 950 000...those were the official numbers, but as much as I love Garth, 950 000 even sounds too farfetched for me.
Had the only single, only just last year, to debut at #1 on the country charts, with "More Than A Memory"
Top Selling Live Album Ever(also Top Selling Country Album)

And there's more, but they'd take a while to list, lol.
Favourite song of his for me, is "The Dance", but personally, I don't think he's ever made a bad song, but that's incredibly biased, lol.
He pretty much single-handedly rescued country music, it was dieing, there was no doubt about that, and once Garth came along, along with all the other neo-traditionalists, it perked back up again.
His music isn't just music to me though, it's the story of my life, and it got me out of a pretty dark hole, so, yeah. And I know people that hate country music, but love Garth, and its coz he sings simple songs, that simple people can understand, yet at the same time, be filled with so much emotion.

Anyway, I should probably stop now, coz I'm rambling, just wanted to see if there was any other fans out there Very Happy


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